Express Zoom to suit your site!

Zoomify HTML5 Express delivers everything web designers need to add zoom-and-pan viewing to any website with powerful features not in the free version. Express includes the complete Zoomify Toolbar and thumbnail Navigator plus support for fullscreen viewing and much more!

The Express product enables customization to suit your content and audience with thirty easy-to-use HTML parameters and an extensive User's Guide. Tailor the look of the Toolbar to your site with professional skins from Destiny  by simply downloading and copying one folder into place. And quickly master and apply all these features with more than a dozen example web pages!

Just three steps to make any image zoom!
Drag your image
onto the Converter
Add three lines to
any web page
Copy files to your
web server!

Complete examples and documentation are included!   Feature demos at right!  

Zoomify HTML5 Express — Features & Benefits
Drag & drop image prep with the Zoomify Converter - megs or gigabytes!
Standard publishing - HTML, JPEGs, and JavaScript - works on every site!
Universal viewing - any browser, platform, device - no downloads or installs
Smooth pan - with glide! Try the demos!
Extensive features - simple HTML parameters for initial view and more!
Web designer friendly - works with all your tools
No royalties or fees - no strings - create as many sites as you like!
Customizable help - one HTML parameter makes any web page your help!
Complete documentation - User's Guide, and detailed examples
Zoomify HTML5 Express Includes
Zoomify Unlimited Converter: drag-drop zoomify any image - batch convert!
Zoomify Image Viewer: one JavaScript file for Viewport, Toolbar, Navigator
12 template web pages - one for every major feature - see demos at right!
Example toolbar skins - three included, create your own or buy more!
Detailed User's Guide PDF and Parameter List
Perfect for all types of high-quality images
  Composites Drafts Drawings  
  Evidence Games Maps  
  Photos Records Scans  
Perfect for all application arenas that depend on high-res images
  Aerial Photos & Space Imaging Auctions & Classifieds  
  Defense, Security eStore, eCatalog, & eMarketing  
  Education & Entertainment Industrial Quality Assurance  
  Insurance, Law Enforcement & Forensics Infrastructure Planning  
  Mapping, GIS, Real Estate & Travel Materials Science and Metallurgy  
  Medical & Scientific Multimedia Presentations  
  Museum, Galleries & Image Archives Wireless & Handhelds  

Using the Zoomify Image Viewer - a quick introduction
The Zoomify Image Viewer is incredibly easy to use - add it to any web page with just a few simple lines! The following information describes this simple process.
Simplest Use - Viewer Defaults Example
The following lines are all that is needed to use the Zoomify Image Viewer in any web page:

              <script type="text/javascript" src="ZoomifyImageViewer-min.js"></script>
              <style type="text/css"> #myContainer { width: 900px; height: 550px } </style>
              <script type="text/javascript"> Z.showImage("myContainer", "ZoomifyImageExample"); </script>

               <div id="myContainer"></div>

Why three lines?

1. The first script line tells the web page to include the Viewer script file: "ZoomifyImageViewer-min.js".

2. The second script line creates the container element for the Viewer to exist in: "myContainer".

3. The third script line creates the Viewer and tells it what container element to exist in ("myContainer") and what image to display ("ZoomifyImageExample")

Together, the above lines create the Viewer, place it in the page, and tell it what image to show - that's all you need!
Custom Use - Optional Parameters Example
In addition to the incredibly simple use described above, the Zoomify Image Viewer provides extensive options for web designer control - even without any JavaScript coding. Simple HTML parameters can be used to customize Viewer layout, what part of an image is initially displayed, and much more. Parameters are also included to allow skinning of the toolbar to make it match your web site's look and feel - you can even hide the bulit-in toolbar and put your own buttons anywhere in your web page page so your users can zoom and pan the Viewer!

The third script line in the example above can optionally include a string of parameters to change how the Viewer looks or behaves. Such a string will look like this (note the use of '&' symbols to join multiple parameters together):


Numerous options are supported - a list of supported parameters follows.
HTML Parameter List
The Zoomify Image Viewer in the Zoomify HTML5 Express product supports the following 30 HTML parameters (see Pro version for 93 more):
zInitialX zInitialY zInitialZoom
zMinZoom zMaxZoom zNavigatorVisible
zToolbarVisible zLogoVisible zMinimizeVisible
zZoomButtonsVisible zSliderVisible zPanButtonsVisible
zResetVisible zFullViewVisible zFullPageVisible
zFullScreenVisible zInitialFullPage zProgressVisible
zTooltipsVisible zHelpVisible zNavigatorRectangleColor
zSkinPath zHelpPath zHelpWidth
zHelpHeight zHelpLeft zHelpTop
Authoring: manual and batch image conversion of TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG files is supported on Windows and Macintosh with no special setup. Additional formats and platforms are supported with converter upgrades sold separately
Publishing: using just HTML, JPEGs, and one small JavaScript file, the Zoomify content can be hosted on any web server and is compatible with popular publishing, and ecommerce software
Viewing: all popular browsers are supported on all platforms including PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, and more - all without any special downloads or installs
Licensing: The Zoomify Converter is licensed per user - just like Photoshop and other imaging software. Your content is your own - no royalties, no strings. The Zoomify Image Viewer JavaScript file is freely redistributable on web sites or CDs/DVDs. The same is true of customized versions, so long as the JavaScript file is 'minified' (compressed using an online tool). For detailed information please refer to the Zoomify License Agreement.

Image credits: Medical image provided by Center for Comparative Medicine at UC Davis. Dimensions: 20,892 x 20,400 pixels, 1.25 gigabytes (uncompressed). Created under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute with funding from the National Institute of Health. Defense image provided by GeoEye, Inc. Dimensions: 18,000 x 12,223 pixels, 1.2 gigabytes (uncompressed). Baghdad, Iraq, captured by IKONOS satellite.

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