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 Key Features
Zoom-and-pan viewing -fast, interactive, on any platform, any device, any image, anytime!
Smooth pan - with glide effect!
No size limits - the bigger the better - megapixels or gigapixels!
• No plugins or special setup - just HTML, JPEGs, and a tiny JavaScript file
• No special costs or hidden fees - buy once and zoomify as many sites, images, and views as you like!*
• Fully compatible - works with all popular web tools and hosting solutions
• Intuitive navigation - mouse, keys, or toolbar. Shortcuts for instant zoom-in or out, prior view, and more!
 Express - everthing above plus...
Technical support - Zoomify standing by to respond to your email!*
Fullscreen viewing - automatic fallback to full page view in older browsers
Complete toolbar - optional buttons for pan and zoom, initial view, fullscreen, and help plus zoom slider!
Preset initial view - X, Y, and zoom
Customize without code - simple HTML parameters to set look and functions: 27 in Express, 120 in Pro, 205 in Enterprise!
Many template web pages - start fast with 12 in Express, 84 in Pro, and 132 in Enterprise!
Customizable Help - built-in Help system supports optional external HTML content
Toolbar customization - hide/show button sets, easily skin with simple file copy!
• Hide Toolbar logo - hide Z logo with simple HTML parameter
• Set background color or image to match your site design
 Pro - everthing above plus...
Complete editable JavaScript source code for Zoomify Viewer included - modify with any text or HTML editor!
Custom Toolbar logos - replace Z logo with your own graphic!
Zoom Rectangle - alt-click-drag to draw region to zoom into!
• Bookmarks - simple HTML parameters for in-image browser bookmarking!
• Copyright display - customizable confirmation before image display (optional)
• Watermarking - customizable non-destructive overlay (optional)
Virtual Pointer - hovers over image as draggable indicater during presentations
Ruler panel - graphic display of current zoom % or magnication with choice of units
• Measuring tool - click and drag to see length, circumference, and area
Rotation - 360 degree spin in 1 degree or 90 degree increments
• Screensaver - auto-navigation between destinations with just one HTML parameter
• Tours - auto-navigation between preselected destinations in image - audio option
• Image list - use simple text file to let users to choose images to display
Comparison - side-by-side viewing of images with synchronized navigation
Overlays - overlapping images with synchronization and transparency!
• Slideshows - auto-transition between zoomable images - thumbnail gallery and audio options!
• Hotspots - captions, icons, click links, rollovers - and now pop-up graphics!
• Hotspot coordinate finder - easily capture X,Y,and zoom values to rapidly build displays
• Hotspot zoom ranges - set min and max values between for icon visiblity
• Hotspot categories - hide/show and script effects on sets of hotspots
• Hotspot click-functions - for custom JavaScript effects!
• Animations - 'flipbook' 3D objects, timelapses, and panoramas!
• Responsive Web Design - RWD with auto-resizing and smart image refresh!
• GeoCoordinates - show latitude and longitude for cursor over image!
• Unconverted image viewing - no need to preprocess for zoom-and-pan viewing (size limit)
• Web page control - easily script viewer behaviors including zoom, pan, and more
• Internal Toolbar - no skins option for simplest presentations or cross-domain use
• Debug and trace enhancements - designed for zoomify functionality
• OnReady and Callbacks - easy function call assignments
Localization / internationalization - efficient with all GUI and error strings resourced
Preloading options - one-click pre-caching of tiles for current view - perfect for optimizing presentations!
• PNG transparent tile viewing
 Enterprise - everthing above plus...
Annotation viewing - advanced system with powerful labels options including freehand drawings, drag-rectangles, polygons, or icons with HTML captions, tooltips, click links, click functions, editability control, zoom-range visibility settings, and more!
Annotation editing - web-based editing of annotation labels, points of interest, comments or notes, including both streamlind interface and advanced interface with formal workflow
• Measurements - create and save in-image polygons with auto-calculated caption displaying values for length and circumferences or area with custom units options including Ym, Zm, Em, Pm, Tm, Gm, Mm, km, hm, dam, m, dm, cm, mm, um, nm, pm, fm, am, zm, ym, or pixels.
Image filters - 24 powerful options including Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Blurriness, Color Red, Color Green, Color Blue, Color Range Red, Color Range Green, Color Range Blue, Gamma, Gamma Red, Gamma Green, Gamma Blue, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, White Balance, Noise, Grayscale, Threshold, Inversion, Edges, and Sepia
Slidestack viewing - up to 30 zoomable images synchronized in an overlapping display - annotation viewing and editing support included!
• Save-To-File - capture current view and annotations to a JPEG or PNG on web server. Local save option supported in Firefox and Chrome!
User login access - prompt site visitors for their name. Use a list to validate user entries (optional).
Counter tracking system - exact labeling of image features with counter icons, cell-based navigation, completion tracking, user and type visibility controls, and progress overlay displays! Web-based slide analysis compatible with other Viewer features including image filters, view saving, and more!
IIIF compliant viewing - complete support for the International Image Interoperability Framework! Standards-based access to image content at leading institutions - seamlessly integrates with all the benefits of the Zoomify Image Viewer!
• Custom tile dimensions - compatibility with leading microscopy tools
• Posting examples for annotations XML and image files - ready-to-use scripts in ASP, JSP, PERL, and PHP
User's Guide (PDF)
• Quickstart Guide and context-specific Read Me files
Template web pages - simply select and edit to build your site fast! 12 in Express, 84in Pro, and 132 in Enterprise!
Parameter List - detailed explanations for 205 HTML and over 150 XML options!
Function List - complete JavaScript API documentation
 Image Conversion
Drag-and-drop image prep!
No size limits! Rapidly convert images megapixels or gigapixels in size!
One-file ZIF storage - no folders, no special setup (optional)
• Lossless conversion from exiting Zoomify content to ZIF (and vice versa)
JPEG tiles for maximum compression (customizable) or PNG tiles for lossless compression and transparency option
• Batch conversion support
 Web Page Authoring
• Add to any Web page with just three lines
• No Flash or other plugins needed
• No special web server setup needed
• Completely compatible with popular web design and development tools
• Extensive HTML and XML parameters for customizing features and skinning
• Powerful JavaScript API - total control for JavaScript developers
• Component-based for easy integration into any JavaScript project
• Totally standard - just HTML, JPEGs, and JavaScript - no Flash!
• One-file ZIF storage - no folders, no special setup (optional)
• XML-driven hotspots/tours/slideshows - easily integrate with databases (optional)
• XML-driven annotations - easily integrate with databases (optional)
• JSON storage support for annotations (optional)
• Easy and fast - no special downloads, no plugins, no setup!
• Works in all popular browsers - even old versions (most features)
• Works everywhere - including iOS and Android mobile devices
• Intuitive toolbar, navigator, and other visual features
• Click or alt-click to zoom in and out, or use mousewheel
• Alt-click Reset button to return to prior view
• Tooltips and Help for user interface instructions (optional)
• Optimized dynamic backfill and transition canvases for clear, smooth display
• Online FAQ
• Email support
• One year priority phone support
• One year product maintenance including free upgrades
 Extras (optional, separate purchase)
• Toolbar skins - many choices, just copy files to apply!
• Image conversion for quad threads and tiled source images (ACI format)
• Command-line scriptable converter for server-side automation and integration
• Linux conversion support
• Image conversion of special formats: SVS, CWS, MRXS, CS, TIF, NDPI, JPEG 2000, SCN, SWS, CZI
 Perfect for...
• Entertainment
• eMarketing and eCommerce
• Auctions and classifieds
• Education and training sites
• Wireless / mobile applications
• Higher education and gallery solutions
• Aerial photos and space imaging
• Multimedia presentations and slideshows
• Apple iPhone and iPad access to zoom-and-pan web site content
• Insurance, criminal justice and forensic uses
• Telepathology and medical research
• Defense and security applications
• Semiconductor inspection and industrial quality assurance
• Materials science and metallurgy
• Pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology

Zoomify Enterprise customers also receive phone support for a full year.
Zoomify Enterprise Annotation Viewer and Zoomify Command-Line Converter are licensed per web server.
Zoomify Express formerly named Zoomify Standard, Zoomify Pro formerly named Zoomify Developer.
For current information about features and fixes in all versions please visit our updates page

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