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Key Features
Fast zoom-and-pan viewing - any platform, any device, any image, anytime!
Smooth pan - with glide effect!
No size limits - the bigger the better - megabytes or gigabytes!
• Start fast with template web pages - 11 in Express, 61 in Pro, and 90 in Enterprise!
• Easily customize with simple HTML parameters - more than 20 in Express, over 90 in Pro, and more than 130 in Enterprise!
• No plugins or special setup - just HTML, JPEGs, and a tiny JavaScript file
• No special costs or hidden fees - just buy once and zoomify as many sites, images, and views as you like!*
• Fully compatible with all popular web tools and hosting solutions
• Intuitive navigation - mouse, keys, or toolbar. Shortcuts for instant zoom-in or out, prior view, and more!
• Preset initial view - X, Y, zoom, and rotation
• Set background color or image to match your site design
• True Fullscreen View - automatic fallback to full page view in older browsers
• Built-in Help system - fully customizable HTML content in Pro and Enterprise editions
• Toolbar customization - hide/show button sets, easily skin with simple file copy!
• Toolbar logo - hide Z logo
Toolbar logo - replace Z logo with your own graphic!
Complete editable JavaScript source code for Zoomify Viewer included - modify with any text editor!
• Copyright display - customizable confirmation prior to image display (optional)
• Watermarking - customizable non-destructive overlay (optional)
• Virtual Pointer - hovers over image as draggable indicater during presentations
• Ruler panel - graphic display of current zoom % or magnication with choice of units
• Measuring tool - click and drag to see length, circumference, and area
• Rotation - 360 degree spin in 90 degree increments - rotating birds-eye view
• Screensaver - auto-navigation between destinations with just one HTML parameter
• Tours - auto-navigation between preselected destinations in image - audio option
• Slideshows - auto-transition between zoomable images - autio option
• Hotspots - text captions, icons, URL links, rollovers, more!
• Hotspot coordinate finder - easily capture X,Y,and zoom values to rapidly build displays
• Hotspot categories - hide/show and script effects on sets of hotspots
• Hotspot click-functions - for custom JavaScript effects!
• Animations - 'flipbook' 3D objects, timelapses, and panoramas!
• Responsive Web Design (R.W.D) with auto-resizing and refresh!
• View unconverted images!
• Web page control - easily script viewer behaviors including zoom, pan, and more
• Debug and trace enhancements - designed for zoomify functionality
• OnReady and Callbacks - easy function call assignments
• Localization / internationalization - efficient with all GUI and error strings resourced
• PNG transparent tile viewing
Annotation viewing and editing - Simple - Labels with Comments!
Annotation viewing and editing - Advanced - Labels with Points of Interest, and Notes!
Image filters - Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Blurriness, Edges, Inversion, Grayscale, Threshold
Slidestack viewing - up to 30 zoomable images synchronized in an overlapping display - annotation support included!
• Save-To-File - capture current view and annotations to a JPEG or PNG!
• Freehand drawings!
• Icon labels with HTML captions
• Drag-rectangles, polygons (open or closed), and text-only labels
• Measurement polygons - save lengths, circumferences, and areas with customizable units
• Choose colors for lines and captions
• Annotation click-functions - for custom JavaScript effects!
• Rectangular tile display for compatibility with leading microscopy tools
• Posting examples for annotations XML and image files - ready-to-use scripts in ASP, JSP, PERL, and PHP
• User's Guide (PDF)
• Quickstart Guide and context-specific Read Me files
• Template web pages - simply select and edit to build your site fast!
• Parameter List - details on 84 HTML options and over 100 XML options
• Function List - complete JavaScript API documentation
Image Conversion
• Drag-and-drop image prep
• No size limits! Rapidly convert images megapixels or gigapixels in size!
• One-file ZIF storage - no folders, no special setup (optional)
• Lossless conversion from exiting Zoomify content to ZIF (and vice versa)
• Batch conversion support
Web Page Authoring
• Add to any Web page with just three lines
• No Flash or other plugins needed
• No special web server setup needed
• Completely compatible with popular web design and development tools
• Extensive HTML and XML parameters for customizing features and skinning
• Powerful JavaScript API - total control for JavaScript developers
• Component-based for easy integration into any JavaScript project
• Totally standard - just HTML, JPEGs, and JavaScript - no Flash!
• One-file ZIF storage - no folders, no special setup (optional)
• XML-driven hotspots/tours/slideshows - easily integrate with databases (optional)
• XML-driven annotations - easily integrate with databases (optional)
• JSON storage support for annotations (optional)
• Easy and fast - no special downloads, no plugins, no setup!
• Works in all popular browsers - even old versions (most features)
• Works everywhere - including iOS and Android mobile devices
• Intuitive toolbar, navigator, and other visual features
• Click or alt-click to zoom in and out, or use mousewheel
• Alt-click Reset button to return to prior view
• Tooltips and Help for user interface instructions (optional)
• Optimized dynamic backfill and transition canvases for clear, smooth display
• Online FAQ
• Email support
• One year priority phone support
• One year product maintenance including free upgrades
Extras (optional, separate purchase)
• Toolbar skins - many choices, just copy files to apply!
• Image conversion for quad threads and tiled source images (ACI format)
• Command-line scriptable converter for server-side automation and integration
• Linux conversion support
• Image conversion of special formats: SVS, CWS, MRXS, CS, TIF, NDPI, JPEG 2000, SCN, SWS, CZI
Perfect for...
• Entertainment
• eMarketing and eCommerce
• Auctions and classifieds
• Education and training sites
• Wireless / mobile applications
• Higher education and gallery solutions
• Aerial photos and space imaging
• Multimedia presentations and slideshows
• Apple iPhone and iPad access to zoom-and-pan web site content
• Insurance, criminal justice and forensic uses
• Telepathology and medical research
• Defense and security applications
• Semiconductor inspection and industrial quality assurance
• Materials science and metallurgy
• Pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology
Zoomify Enterprise Annotation Viewer and Zoomify Command-Line Converter are licensed per web server.
Zoomify Express formerly named Zoomify Standard, Zoomify Pro formerly named Zoomify Developer.
A small number of features available in the Zoomify Flash-based Viewers are not yet available in the HTML5-based viewers (side-by-side comparison, geo-coordinate input, some annotation color controls, annotation print-to-file...). For this reason the Flash-based Viewers remain available to customers of comparable HTML5 products on request..

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