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This table of contents is provided in order to help potential customers understand the scope and detail of the product documentation. It is not provided as a resource for product use as bona fide customers have the full documentation materials. Full copies of the User's Guide may be provided on a case-by-case basis. To make a request, contact Zoomify Support using the link below.
Chapter I - Welcome to Zoomify 5
Zoomify unleashes unlimited resolution 5
How Zoomify works 6
Zoomify and compression 7
Zoomify delivers one-step image prep 7
Using this Guide 8
Contacting Zoomify support 8
Chapter II - Using Zoomify HTLM5 - All Editions 9
Using the Zoomify Image Viewer 9
Converting your images into Zoomify Images 9
Adding the Zoomify Image Viewer to your web page 10
Customizing the Zoomify Image Viewer with parameters 10
Advanced customization 11
Publishing your content - copying it to your web server 11
Migrating from Flash 12
Chapter III - Elements of the Zoomify HTML5 Products 13
Main product folder 13
1. Documentation folder 13
2 Viewer Features folder 14
3. Converter folder 15
4. Developer Resources folder (Pro and Enterprise editions only) 16
Chapter IV - Zoomify Image Viewer Features 18
Features as demonstrated by example web pages 18
Viewing, creating, editing, and saving annotations 44
Chapter V - Advanced Topics 40
Customizing the Zoomify Image Viewer JavaScript 47
Thumbnail support 51
Chapter VI - Troubleshooting 53
Troubleshooting image conversion 53
Troubleshooting image viewing 54
Troubleshooting annotations 55
Chapter VII - Appendices 56
Custom tile support 56
Complementary Zoomify products 59
Uninstalling Zoomify HTML5 59
Glossary 60
System requirements and additional resources 61

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