Converter Upgrades       Special formats, command-line, and tiled input

This page presents Zoomify Converter upgrade alternatives - input, processing, and output options - that are useful to imaging enthusiasts, web professionals, and vertical market experts with special needs.

The Zoomify Converter intelligently converts any image for incremental on-demand access. It creates a collection of image pieces at many levels of resolution - a "pyramid of tiles". The Zoomify Image Viewer is then able to download the specific tiles that are needed for the current view - the part of the image that fits in the display at the disired degree of zoom.

As included in our products, the Zoomify Converter supports input source images in TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG formats. Images must use the RBG color model rather than CMYK. The Converter is a dual-threaded, 32-bit application, available for Macintosh and Windows platforms. It has no size limit for input source image files and requires no key or other registration process.

In addition, the Converter is able to convert between Zoomify formats - from Zoomify Folder storage to ZIF, and vice versa. No tile decoding/encoding is required, so quality is not impacted and the process is very fast.

There are, however, capabilities some customers may require that the standard Zoomify Converter does not possess. The following upgrade options are designed to meet such needs.

Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Mac or Win
Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Mac or Win - VM-Friendly Key
Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Linux
Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Linux - VM-Friendly Key
Zoomify Turbo Converter Library - DLL or SO
Zoomify Turbo Converter Library - DLL or SO - VM-Friendly Key
Zoomify Turbo Converter - Unrestricted License - No Keys
Scripted Conversion Options
Delivery Notes & Custom Needs


Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Mac or Win

The Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter enables scripted conversion! Use PHP, Python, JSP, and other scripting languages to instruct the Converter to convert an image. This powerful functionality enables the integration of conversion within server-side systems and full automation of the conversion process.

Conversion is optimized to run entirely in memory whenever possible! When running entirely in memory, conversion speeds can be expected to be up to twice as fast for JPEG source images and up to three times as fast for TIF source images. For files many gigabytes in size (uncompressed), where sufficient memory is not available, the Converter will write to disk as required.

Supported input formats include: TIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, as well as BigTIFF, tiled TIF and multi-file input via text list input (ACI text format). If support for other input formats is required please contact us.

Supported output formats include: Zoomify Image Folder and Zoomify Image File (ZIF). Zoomify output formats also supported as inputs to enable optimized conversion of content libraries.

Note: activation key input required on first use.


Feature Description
Special Command-line scriptable
Input & Output Format Support

Input format support: JPEG, PNG, and TIF (including BigTIFF and tiled TIF - see format notes below).

Zoomify Folders also supported as input, for rapid conversion to ZIF format with no quality loss (pass folder name as image parameter and also use -Z parameter).

Output formats include: Zoomify Image Folders and Zoomify Image Format (ZIF)

Special Format Support Input format support - microscopy formats including:
  • Aperio SVS including Z-Stacks if present
  • Mirax & 3D Histech MRXS
  • Olympus VSI
Threads Up to 5
Bits Processor: Intel 64 (contact to discuss ARM)    File: 8 per channel (24 total)
Activation Key Yes (registered on first use, for one machine, see Activation Key notes below)
Parameter Information Supported parameters include:

Register with activation key NOTE: Register on first use and use this parameter alone
Apply trial activation key (for presales testing) NOTE: Register on first use and use this parameter alone
Unregister activation key (in order to reuse key on new machine). Will prompt for 'U" for unregister or "O" for offline.
Specify path/foldername (not filename) for output
Uppercase 'Z'. Specify ZIF output rather than folder-based storage ('.zif' will be auto-added to filename if not present)
Sets JPEG quality from 20 to 100 for full resolution zoom level (default is 80, recommended for common content and uses)
Sets JPEG quality from 20 to 100 (default is 80, recommended for common content and uses)
Set tilesize. Must be divisible by 2. Standard sizes such as 256 and 512 may better suit JPEG tile compression.
Example Command-Line

Registering activation key on first use:
     zoomify.exe -r XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
All subsequent uses:
     zoomify.exe -o myPreferredFolderName ZoomifyImageExample.jpg

Notes: The -r parameter and activation key should only be included in the first use
  The above example assumes the Converter has been renamed 'zoomify.exe' for convenience
  The image name to convert is required
  The image filename must include a file extension, for example '.jpg'
  The default output name will match the source image filename excluding its extension
  The -o and other parameters are optional
  Optional parameters must precede the source image filename
Exit Code Information Supported exit codes include (use ERRORLEVEL in script or batch file):

Bad command line options
File not found
Bad output file/folder name
Bad input file (incorrect extension or corrupt)
File unsuitable (unsupported format variant)
Processing failed
File too large (out of memory)
Software unregistered
Additional Format Information Format Notes:
  • For JPEG source files and files using internal tiles with JPEG compression (such as some SVS and VSI files), avoid use of the JPEG quality parameter. The Converter will then use existing JPEG quality and will losslessly pass JPEG tiles through to the output where possible.
  • Aperios SVS support includes support for all three internal compression alternatives: JPEG, J2K/KDU, and J2K/MIL
  • Mirax & 3DHistech MRXS & Motic CS support are available only on Windows. MRXS support requires download and installation of 'Slide AC' application from 3DHistech website.
  • TIF support includes common variants including BigTIFF and tiled TIF (tiled support is currently partial). TIF compression alternatives currently supported include JPEG, LZW, Packbits, and uncompressed (no JPEG2000 compression currently).
  • Lastly, for improved processing speed and reduced use of memory and disk space, input of grayscale JPEG source image will result in output of grayscale JPEG tiles.

For additional information including the possibility of adding format support, please contact us

Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Mac or Win - VM Friendly

All the features of the above Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter plus an activation key to support Virtual Machine contexts such as Amazon AWS.

Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Linux

All the features of the above Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter built for Linux.

Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter - Linux - VM Friendly

All the features of the above Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter for Linux plus an activation key to support Virtual Machine contexts such as Amazon AWS.

Zoomify Turbo Converter Library - DLL/SO

All the features of the above Zoomify Turbo Command-Line Converter delivered as a Windows DLL or Linux SO library to enable closer integration and access without repeated loads (as is necessary with exe or app implementations).


Zoomify Turbo Converter Library - DLL/SO - VM Friendly

All the features of the above Zoomify Turbo Converter DLL/SO Library plus an activation key to support Virtual Machine contexts such as Amazon AWS.


Zoomify Turbo Converter - Unrestricted License

All the features of all of the above Zoomify Turbo Converter editions plus NO activation key requirements and NO license restrictions. This offering delivers complete control without limitations. For complete details please contact us.


Scripted Converter Options $ 0

The following conversion scripts were created by Zoomify customers or partners and have been used by many customers with success. They are useful in contexts requiring custom functionality, deep integration with server-side scripts, or on Linux/Unix.

Options include use various scripting language/image library combinations: PERL/ImageMagick, PHP/GD-Library, and Python/PIL/Zope. In some cases wrappers are providing in one language for conversion in another. Users of other scripting languages and image libraries will find these examples useful as well because they represent codebase starting points that can be ported. In addtion, notes are provided regarding incremental source image access (see the last item below).

Limitations: The script-based conversion solutions included are capable of generating Zoomify Images in folder-based form. They do not currently support creation of Zoomify images in the ZIF or PFF single-file formats. Additionally, as scripted solutions these Converter alternatives are not expected to perform as quickly as a compiled application. Some will also likely require greater memory resources as they do not incrementally load source image data, but rather, load the entire source image into memory (these are therefore appropriate, if not further enhanced, only for images tens or hundreds of megabytes in size, not gigabytes in size.

Please also note: these scripted conversion options were created by customers or partners of Zoomify and Zoomify has not reviewed or tested them. If you encounter any difficulties or have any suggestions we are happy to receive your input. The conversion scripts below have been approved for use with the Zoomify Viewer.* If you have additional resources that should be included here please contact us!

Name Description Author Access
ZoomifyImage Python / PIL / Zope
Widely used scripted conversion to Zoomify Folders.
Adam Smith, Justin Henry
ZoomifyImage Wrapped Python / PIL / Zope / PHP
Based on ZoomifyImage above. Adds PHP wrapper.
Wes Wright
Slice Perl / PerlMagick / ImageMagick
No incremental source image load.
W.S. Packaging, Inc.
Slice Wrapped Perl / PerlMagick / ImageMagick / PHP
Based on Slice above. Adds PHP wrapper.
Per Nielsen
Slice Direct Perl / ImageMagick
Based on Slice above. Removes PerlMagick interface to ImageMagick.
Drexel University
ZSlicer PHP / GD Library
Scripted conversion to Zoomify Folders in PHP - not a wrapper.
Mike McGary, Avacata, Inc.
Image Slicer PHP / GD Library
Scripted conversion to Zoomify Folders in PHP - not a wrapper.
Incremental Access Notes Pseudocode for incrementally loading soure image data for tiered tileset creation. Adam Smith

*The Zoomify License Agreement states that the Zoomify Viewer is intended for use only with Zoomify Images created using the Zoomify Converter. This is intended to support the connection between the Viewer and Zoomify's product sales so that we are able to continue to fund quality support and development. Zoomify supports alternative conversion solutions based on customer benefit or in response to partner requests.

Delivery, Activation Keys, And Custom Needs

PRODUCT DELIVERY NOTE: Upon purchase of any of these special Converter Upgrade products, you will will receive a confirmation email. You will then receive a second email message with your application download link and activation key - within 72 hours.

REGISTERING AN ACTIVATION KEY: Your activation key must be applied on the first use of a Converter. A network connection is necessary. Regististration with a key is for one machine. To apply an activation key for Converters with a user interface, use the Software Registration menu item. To apply a key for Command-Line Converters, use the -r parameter as described above.

MOVING A CONVERTER TO A NEW MACHINE: Moving a Converter from one machine to another requires first unregistering the activation key. Turbo and non-Turbo Converters use completely separate activation key systems. For Turbo Converters, unregister a key using the -u parameter. For non-Turbo Converters please contact Support and the key will be manually unregistered on the key server. In both cases, re-registering the Converter on the new machine then requires reusing the -r parameter as described above.

CUSTOM NEEDS: Zoomify and our development partners work hard to deliver optimized technologies to meet needs where special imaging expertise is required. If you have questions about the above offerings - or needs not addressed by them - please contact us at the email address below.

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