This page presents Zoomify Converter upgrade alternatives - input, processing, and output options - that are useful to imaging enthusiasts, web professionals, and vertical market experts with special needs.

The Zoomify Converter intelligently converts any image for incremental on-demand access. It creates a collection of image pieces at many levels of resolution - a 'pyramid of tiles'. The Zoomify Image Viewer is then able to download the specific tiles that are needed for the current view - the part of the image that fits in the display at the disired degree of zoom.

As included in our products, the Zoomify Converter supports input source images in TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG formats. It is a dual-threaded, 32-bit appication, available for Macintosh and Windows platforms. It has no size limit for input source image files and requires no key or other registration process.

The following upgrade options from Zoomify and our development partner Objective Pathology extend the features of the Zoomify Converter well beyond these basic capabilities.

Products   Price
Zoomify Quad-Thread Converter With Tiled Input .............. (specifications) $129
Zoomify Command-Line Converter ........................................ (specifications) $129
Objective Pathology Universal 64-Bit Converter ................ (specifications) $495

Delivery Notes & Custom Needs  

Zoomify Quad-Thread Converter With Tiled Input $129

This Converter improves performance by increasing support from 2 processing threads to 4. This Converter also adds support for tile input source images including tiled TIF images as well as multiple input source files using the ACI format. This enables the creation of massive Zoomify Images from image sets - exceptionally useful given the size limits of many capture devices and image formats.

Feature Description
Special Threads increased to 4 ( from standard 2)
Special Input format support: adds tiled TIF and multiple tile files (TIF, PNG, BMP, or JPEG plus file list in ACI text format). Source images can be square or rectangular, they can be different sizes, and they can overlap.
Bits 32
Platforms Windows or Macintosh
Activation Key Yes (registered on first use)
Additional Information Multi-File Input Requirements:

- Input files may be in the following formats: TIF, PNG, BMP, or JPG.

- Input files are provided to the Converter using a text file with tilename and Y and X pixel position information.

- The filename's extension must be '.aci'. If the text file has a '.txt' extension the Converter will ignore its contents.

- The text file is dropped on the Converter instead of any image file.

- The text file must have the following space delimited format: filename Y X. Example:

          inputTile1.tif 0 0

          inputTile2.tif 0 1038

          inputTile3.tif 0 2160


Zoomify Command-Line Converter $129

The Zoomify Command-Line Converter enables scripted conversion! Use PHP, Python, JSP, and other scripting languages to instruct the Converter to convert an image. This powerful functionality enables the integration of conversion within server-side systems and full automation of the conversion process.

Feature Description
Special Command-line scriptable
Special Input format support: adds tiled TIF and multiple tile files (TIF, PNG, BMP, or JPEG plus file list in ACI text format)
Special Platforms: adds Linux option in addition to Windows or Macintosh
Threads 2
Bits 32
Activation Key Yes (registered on first use)
Additional Information Supported parameters include:

Register with activation key or substitute new activation key.
Specify foldername or filename for output.
Uppercase 'Z'. Specify ZIF output rather than folder-based storage
('.zif' will be auto-added to filename if not present).
Display list of supported file extensions, separated by semicolons.
Sets JPEG quality from 20 to 100
Check filename and returns 0 if file can be zoomified, >0 otherwise. Also prints file information.
Legacy parameter, not supported as there is no user interface to hide
Specify PFF output rather than folder-based storage ('.pff' will be auto-added to filename if not present).
Additional parameters to be used with caution:
Enable threading with n loader threads (n = 1-8)
Disable threading (alternative parameter: -t0).
Set tilesize from 128 to 2048. Must be evenly divisible by 16. Recommended sizes 256, 240, 480, and 512.
Additional Information Supported exit codes include (use ERRORLEVEL in script or batch file):

Bad command line options.
Unrecognized file.

Bad output file/folder name.
Input file unreadable.
Cannot convert the input file.
Conversion failed.

Objective Pathology Universal 64-Bit Converter $495

The Objective Pathology Universal Converter delivers support for the most important microscopy formats with enhancements for maximum performance including 64-bit processing and unlimited threads. One solution to handle the output of all of the most popular microscopy tools and the contents of the most respected microscopy slide collections!

Feature Description
Special Processor Support: 64-bit (from standard 32)
Special Threads unlimited (from standard 2)
Special Input format support - microscopy formats including:
  • Tiled ACI
  • Aperio SVS
  • Bacus CWS
  • Mirax & 3D Histech MRXS
  • Motic CS
  • BioImagene & Ventana TIF
  • Hamamatsu NDPI
  • JPEG 2000
  • Leica SCN
  • Objective Imaging & MikroScan SWS
  • Zeiss CZI.
Platforms Windows or Macintosh
Activation Key Yes (registered on first use)
Additional Information Standard input formats include: TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG

Output formats include: Zoomify Image Folders, Zoomify Image Format (ZIF), Zoomify Pyramidal File Format (PFF)

Zoomify output formats also supported as inputs to enable optimized lossless conversion of content libraries, including Z-Folders, ZIF, and PFF

Additional Information Format Notes:
  • Aperios SVS support includes support for all three internal compression alternatives: JPEG, J2K/KDU, and J2K/MIL
  • Mirax & 3DHistech MRXS & Motic CS support are available only on Windows
  • TIF support includes common variants including BigTIFF, pyramidal TIF (base layer used), tiled TIF with standard compression, Huron TIF files (striped and non-striped), and Panoptiq TIF files.

Delivery Notes And Custom Needs

DELIVERY NOTE: upon purchase of any of these special Converter Upgrade products, you will will receive a confirmation email. You will then receive a second email message with your application download link and activation key - within 72 hours.

CUSTOM NEEDS: Zoomify and our solutions partner Objective Pathology work hard to deliver optimized technologies to meet needs where special imaging expertise is required. If you have questions about the above offerings - or needs not addressed by them - please contact us at the email address below.

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